Project Description

Plaza Production One provides special dance programs for area schools and organizations. Weekly classes are held at the school and are taught by professional dance instructors. An annual recital gives children a chance to showcase what they’ve learned for their parents and families.

Schools love our classes because…

We provide a special dance program that enriches the curriculum of the school. Plaza Production One sends a professional dance instructor to the school at a time scheduled to meet the school’s needs. Classes meet weekly and are given at no cost to the school. Programs can be designed to fit your needs. We offer Jazz/Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Creative Movement, World Dance, and Kid’s Zumba. A yearly dance recital is offered at a professional venue for one low flat rate per family. Parents and guests do not have to purchase or sell tickets. Costumes for the recital are provided at no additional cost to the school or families.

Children love our classes because…

Students have fun learning how to dance from our trained instructors who present the basics in a kid friendly way! Classes are taught at the school in a familiar environment where the children feel comfortable. Children love our recitals, because it gives them a chance to feel special, and to show their families what they’ve learned.

Parents love our classes because…

We bring the dance studio to their child’s school. Busy parents no longer have to worry about spending money, gas, and time to transport their children to and from dance classes. Parents also love our reasonable prices, professional instructors, and yearly dance recitals.

Watch as Miss Amanda leads a group of little dancers. Aren’t they adorable?

“Our students love to dance under the direction of Mrs. Jeannette! I highly recommend Plaza Production One.”

Barbara Danowitz, St. John Eudes School

“Mrs. Jeannette and Plaza Production One have done such an amazing job teaching our students how to express themselves through dance and movement for the past couple of years. Our students love when they see Mrs. Jeannette and have fun in every one of her classes.They enjoy the different types of dance that they are taught and are eager to learn more thereafter. Thank you to Plaza Production One for giving our students the opportunity to grow and experience, in the world of art and dance.”

Mariya , First Steps School

Benefits of having Plaza Production One provide Mobile Dance Classes:

  • For many schools, having a professional dance program that is reasonably priced is a selling point for families.
  • Dance programs increase participation, co-operation among peers, and school pride.
  • Parents don’t need to worry about driving their child to another location.  All dance programs are conducted onsite at the child’s school.
  • Plaza Production One will handle all of the details of the dance recital that is held in a professional outside location annually.
  • Plaza Production One has provided high-quality dance programs in Southern California since 1984 for over 30 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Plaza Production One unique is that we are able to bring a top-notch dance instructor to the school or program site which eliminates the hassle of parents driving their children to a dance studio.

All dance instructors have a college degree and experience in teaching dance to children. They also undergo a thorough background check in accordance with local regulations.

Your children learn the basics of Jazz/hip hop, ballet, tap and creative movement. The curriculum is specifically designed for the age group of the child, and all music is free of inappropriate language and themes.

The recitals are held annually at a professional venue as close to the school as possible. The date is announced on our website several months ahead of time. All of the other costumes for the dance recital: tutus, crowns, vests, etc are provided by Plaza Production One.

Since parents are busy, every school has their own hour that is predetermined ahead of time. That way our parents don’t have to wait all day to see a glimpse of their child. Each recital is composed of several dances and costume changes that highlight what the children have been learning all year.

There is no special clothing or footwear required for the weekly dance classes held at the school. Comfortable loose fitting clothing is fine, with close-toed shoes. For the recitals, the girls are required to purchase (on their own or from us) a black leotard and black tights. The boys wear black pants and a white collared shirt. Shoes of choice are acceptable for both genders. All of the other costumes for the dance recital: tutus, crowns, vests, etc are provided by Plaza Production One.

We give the children a free dance class before starting the program to determine their level of interest.

Usually, the classes are thirty to forty-five minutes long contingent upon the age of the child and the schedule of the school.

We hope that your child will want to participate with us during the entire school year. However, if there are a change of plans you are free to cancel anytime after the month, or the session of dance has been completed.

To inquire about bringing Plaza Production One Mobile Dance Classes to your school or organization, please email us or contact us here!

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